Our Story

Citizens today are looking for a deeper and more meaningful engagement with their local governments. Traditional ways of interacting with government—writing letters, mails, calling hotlines and physically visiting offices are frustrating for citizens.

This impatience is a by-product of the profound transformation in their interactions with businesses, family and friends. Emergence of smartphones and ubiquitous availability of Internet access has made digital interactions on demand and customized.

On the other hand, most government agencies are struggling to do more for citizens with limited funds and resources. Working with legacy softwares and traditional processes, public agencies do not have enough public data to deliver exactly what the citizens want and hence are often involved in rollbacks and iterations as a measure of improvement.

The idea of placing the citizen at the centre of governance and helping public agencies to improve efficiency, performance and saving cost were the main reason that we started this company. Taking this as a challenge to revolutionize government-citizen engagement and bring technology in public sector, CivilCops was started by a small team of believers, data geeks and developers in New Delhi, India on 5th September 2017.

We believe that in order to make smart cities, we need a complex ecosystem of public leaders, citizens, communities and technology. Our CivilCops platform acts as a catalyst to empower all the stakeholders involved, thus helping in building smarter, safer and more livable cities.

Our Mission

Reinventing the way cities and citizen interect

Using our AI-driven platform, cities can better understand the needs and wants of their citizens. Our citizen interaction channels help local government agencies to collect and analyze hundreds of public data points to plan more efficiently, dedicate resources more strategically, personalize public services and build and engage with communities. Our mission is to work with smart cities, municipalities and local governments to improve communication, efficiency and citizen trust by minimising the data and knowledge gap.

Life at CivilCops

Mentor Board

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar

Senior Program Manager – T-Hub Hyderabad

Evangelist – Startup Fellowship

Dhianu Das

Dhianu Das

Founder at Alfa Ventures

Co-Founder at Luxury Ride

Ritesh Malik

Ritesh Malik

Founder & CEO at Innov8 Co-working

Forbes 30 under 30

Todd Obrien

Todd Obrien

CEO – Rainmaking North America

CEO – StartupBootCamp MENA